What May Be Lurking Aboard A Cruise Ship

We have all heard about the outbreak of the Norovirus aboard passenger cruise ships. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported previously about outbreaks onboard passenger cruise ships regarding the Norovirus.

Our cruise ship passenger injury firm is frequently contacted by passengers who have contracted the Norovirus aboard a passenger cruise ship. Recently we were contacted by a passenger on a passenger cruise ship who not only contracted the Norovirus, but because of the outbreak, passengers were not allowed to handle any food or liquids onboard the ship. The crewmember started passing out very hot coffee in cups and saucers, like typical china type coffee cups instead of using some type of styrofoam cups with lids. As a result, passengers walked around the cruise ship carrying this hot coffee without any type of lids. As a result, a passenger bumped into another passenger and the boiling coffee badly burned the other passenger. DSCF0002-1.JPG

In addition to being contacted by passengers who contracted the Norovirus aboard a passenger cruise ship, we were also contacted by a passenger who received a bad spider bite aboard the cruise ship which resulted in a very bad infection.

It has also been widely reported that criminal activity occurs aboard passenger cruise ships at a greater rate than what is known to the public, which resulted in recent legislation requiring better reporting on the statistics of criminal activity.

In addition to the Norovirus, and the spider bites, as well as the criminal activity including sexual assaults, there are also shipboard activities that could be risky and unsafe aboard the passenger cruise ships, including a new activity called the Flowrider. flow-rider.jpg

We have been contacted by a passenger who was severely injured while participating in the Flowrider activity aboard the cruise ship. Our investigation revealed the activity, although widely used across the United States at amusement parks, and now aboard passenger cruise ships, can be very dangerous, and the manufacturer’s warnings include not only the risk of serious injury but the risk of death. We question why such an activity would be operated onboard a passenger cruise ship when it involves risk of serious injury or death. The risks emphasize the need for proper operation of the activity, and proper training of the employees who supervise the activity.

As always, if you are a passenger aboard a cruise ship and get injured, you must immediately read very carefully the passenger ticket you were issued as the cruise line companies include many terms and conditions that govern your rights if you file a lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death occurring aboard a cruise ship. These limitations include a severe restriction on the time period in which to give notice to the cruise line company of your accident aboard the cruise ship, as well as a severe restriction on the time limitation to file a lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death occurring aboard a passenger cruise ship.