Three Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Crewmembers Charged with Drug Smuggling

enchantment-of-the-seas-panama.jpgYesterday Three Royal Caribbean Cruise Line crewmembers working on the Enchantment of the Seas were charged with trying to smuggle drugs into the United States on a cruise ship. They attempted to smuggle in 700 grams of heroin, and 300 grams of cocaine into Baltimore.

The crewmembers charged were Gavin Excell, 35, John Swart Garth, 27, and Kishurn Neptune, 27. According to Department of Homeland Security’s agent’s report that was filed, the 3 men picked up the drugs in the Dominican Republic. One of the crew members tried to hide the drugs in his waistband and shoes when the ship reached the Baltimore port.

A U.S. customs official received a tip from a security officer employed by Royal Caribbean. One of the crew members was followed to a Wal-Mart near the cruise terminal and when apprehended he later told the officers he was paid $4,000 to make the delivery. All the crewmembers involved were arrested and charged, as well as the buyers of the drugs.

This is just another example of illegal activity that can occur aboard a cruise ship. Many times, crew members do not fear getting caught because of the lack of a police presence onboard the ship. Cruise ships have been compared to cities by many of the analyst as a result, there is an increased need for a police force and other security measures. President Obama, this year recently signed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act Legislation into law to add protection to cruise ship passengers.

Other incidents like sexual assaults and disappearances continue to take place. Our maritime personal injury and wrongful death firm have represented previous victims to these crimes and continue to do so.