Theft of an iPhone Makes for Big News

Ok, what is it about the theft of an iPhone that makes news in the New York magazine, as well as in USA today? My daughters have had several iPhones stolen and it didn’t make the newspaper.

However, today, New York Magazine and USA Today have a story about a stolen iPhone onboard the Disney cruise ship Wonder that happened in April.

Using the iPhone technology iCloud, the owner of the phone, Kate McCaffrey, was able to identify a cruise ship employee as the thief of the phone. It is interesting how the perpetrator of the crime got caught. The owner of the phone found out that the cruise ship employee used the phone to take photos that were automatically uploaded to the iPhone owner’s Apple phone stream.

In response, Kate McCaffrey made a Facebook album of all these stolen photos titled “Stolen iPhone Adventures“. As a result, the album has been shared about 4,000 times. The photographs are very interesting depictions of events occurring on the cruise ship, events Disney would much rather have had remain private.

The iPhone is a remarkable device. Not only does it talk to you these days, listen to oral commands, and provides thousands of applications, it now is responsible for catching a criminal and exposing the cruise ship activities that are occurring onboard a ship.

The article reports that Nelson, the crewmember who stole the phone, is on administrative leave and the phone has been recovered. The Wonder is still at sea so when the voyage is over the phone will be returned to the owner. According to USA Today, a spokesperson for Disney said they are taking this matter “very seriously.”