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cruiseI have been alerted that another fire has broken out on board another passenger cruise ship, this time on the cruise ship SeaDream I, which is operated by SeaDream Yacht Club. The vessel was sailing in Italy this afternoon when a fire broke out, reportedly from the engine room.  I have been told that the vessel lost power and is currently being towed.

I heard there was a lot of turmoil and that the passengers had to be evacuated at sea onto a high-speed ferry.   Passengers were, understandably so, very scared. I did not hear of any personal injuries. I am only aware that it has been posted in an Italian newspaper so I do not have much more details to report at this time.

However, I can say that I have warned repeatedly about the dangers on cruise ships, which include fires.  There have been numerous fires reported on board cruises.  Although this SeaDream I cruise ship is a small petite cruise ship and does not carry that many passengers, the newer cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger.  They are referred to as mega-cruise ships, carrying over 6000 passengers.

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