Several Passengers Injured when Cruise Ship Attempts to Reach Port in Egypt

Several passengers aboard Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas were injured when the ship encountered rough weather on its way to Alexandria, Egypt.

There were several large waves and extremely heavy winds which caused the ship to roll and pitch violently injuring approximately 30 passengers as well as damaging several areas of the vessel.

Passengers wore life saving jackets, and many reported they were terrified by the severe weather conditions the cruise ship encountered. The cruise ship also suffered damages. Furniture was tossed around causing property damages. Computers were smashed, and glass shattered everywhere and even the ship’s Grand piano crashed into a wall.

After the ordeal crew members worked non-stop to clean up and attend to passengers. Royal Caribbean gave each cabin a $200 onboard credit.

Weather reports that day forced the port of Alexandria to close due to the heavy rain and winds of up to 60km per hour. As a result, the Brilliance of the Seas had to bypass the scheduled port and dock instead at Valletta, Malta, which was scheduled to be the ship’s last stop.

The reported injuries to the passengers were not serious. The recorded injuries were minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. Damages to the ship did not hinder the vessel’s ability to sail and repairs were not expected to affect future voyages.

There are many reported incidents of situations where cruise ships encounter rough weather. The cruise lines typically do not cancel cruises even in the face of bad weather, including hurricanes. Since they have very sophisticated radar devices and weather reporting equipment on board the ship, the cruise lines believe they can avoid the worst of the weather and not endanger passengers. However, many times the seas become very high and impact the usual stable and comfortable cruises people expect. As a result, there are injuries, and passengers complain their cruise was ruined.

Our passenger cruise ship claims firm handled a case where the cruise line was accused of going straight into the path of a storm and deliberately endangering the lives and safety of the passengers. We also handled a case where a passenger cruise ship attempted to out maneuver a category five hurricane and as a result the ship was lost at sea along with the entire crew aboard. There were no passengers aboard. The cruise line has a duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety of the passengers and this includes the duty to not endanger the safety of the passengers by encountering rough weather that could be avoided.