Robbery on Celebrity Cruise Ship or Legitimate Casino Winnings?

In a bizarre situation, two cruise ship passengers onboard the luxury cruise ship the Reflection, operated by Celebrity Cruises, claimed that they were robbed of their winnings they accrued over two nights in the casino aboard the ship. Their winnings were actually quite astounding, totaling $1,030,000.00. The passengers stated they took the money to their staterooms after cashing in, and approximately an hour after they left, one of the passengers alleged he was attacked and robbed by two of the ship’s officers aboard the cruise ship, and $430,000.00 in cash was taken from the passenger who had put this money in the cabin safe. The other passenger became aware that his friend had been allegedly robbed and he was able to escape his cabin with the remaining $600,000.00 in profits earned at the casino.
Port authorities were summoned as the ship docked in Piraeus, Greece, and the two ship officers were arrested. The police found $430,000.00 in their possession.

casino-300x200Was this simply a case of two crew members deciding to rob these passengers who seemed to have hit the lottery in the cruise ship casino? Not so fast! The officers allege that they were acting in accordance with instructions and procedures from the company on the grounds that they were retrieving the money because it had been acquired fraudulently. The cruise ship passengers claim the money was won in a legitimate way. However, the officers claim the money was won by these two passengers utilizing illegal techniques, thus fraudulently acquired. According to the officers, the cruise ship company was taking back the money fraudulently acquired, which was their basis for going into the cabin and taking the money from the passenger.

They claim the passengers were cheating using techniques that were prohibited by gambling control authorities. Again, the victims dispute this and say the money was earned in a perfectly legitimate way. The money actually became seized by the Coast Guard. The money now is in the possession of the Piraeus Prosecutor’s office until this matter can be resolved. The case was formed by a competence security department of the Port Authority and turned over to Piraeus Prosecutor’s office. The Coast Guard advised the embassies of the countries where the ship officers were from of the two crew members that had been arrested. There will be a full investigation of all the charges that the money was fraudulently obtained, and the passengers will seek to prove that they did it legitimately. The money will be returned to them if in fact no illegal activity is determined to have occurred.

This is definitely a bizarre robbery which would make for a good movie. The robbery was reported to have occurred several weeks ago on September 7, 2017 but was only reported by a newspaper in Greece and Crew Center the other week.
At this time, it is believed the two officers were discharged, although they state they were acting in accordance with proper procedures of the cruise ship company. As soon as more details are learned about this bizarre occurrence we will advise.