Rescue Divers a Hero For Little Boy Who Wanted His Teddy Bear

The Costa Concordia rescuers stopped their search of the remaining missing bodies in the submerged parts of the ship due to the danger the underwater mission imposes. The search above the water still poses danger because the ship could slip under water at any second. The way the rescuers enter the ship is through holes that were blown into the hull. The ship is almost at a 90-degree angle , and even with the strong torches the divers use to search within, the visibility still is very weak. They enter the ship with a thread that will mark their route and help them exit. The divers use air tanks, which gives them about 40 minutes of breathing time. In addition the water is around 10 °C so they must wear heavy outwear. The divers stated that the one of the hardest things about the search is finding bodies still wearing lifejackets close to the lifeboats that never made it out. The Costa Concordia continues to impose a never-ending danger, including environmental dangers.

Just recently, Giglio’s Mayor Sergio Ortelli, gave a letter to the rescue divers in praise of their heroic efforts. In the letter, a child’s father explained how his son left his teddy bear aboard the ship and had been unable to sleep since the Costa Concordia tragic disaster. The divers, risking their lives, were able to track down the cabin of this family and retrieve the still intact toy. Isn’t that a great story to hear?

The Miami based maritime and cruise ship lawyers at Rivkind and Margulies continue to assist passengers and crewmembers who were onboard the Costa Concordia. Brett Rivkind has testified in Congress about cruise ship safety, and looks forward the opportunity again to do so and advocate safety changes in the cruise ship industry that will make cruise ships safer for both passengers and crewmembers.