RCCL Passenger Ship Radiance Of The Seas Forced To Return To Port

Radiance-of-the-Seas.jpgOver a hundred and fifty passengers reported sick onboard the Radiance of the Seas during a five day cruise. It is believed the passengers were suffering from what is considered to be the very contagious Noro Virus.

Symptoms of the Noro Virus include vomiting and diarrhea.

There have been numerous reports of outbreaks of the Noro Virus aboard cruise ships. The exact source and cause of the Noro Virus, and the exact reason there have been a number of outbreaks of the Noro Virus aboard cruise ships, is uncertain and debated. The cruise ship companies urge that the Noro Virus is common and is brought onboard the vessel by a passenger, and that the outbreak of the Noro Virus has nothing to do with the cruise lines breach of obligations of safety to the passengers.

Once there is an outbreak of the Noro Virus it is critical that the cruise line take proper precautions for the next cruise, including extremely careful sanitization of the ship.
More information regarding the outbreak of the Noro Virus can be found at the CDC (CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL).

Fortunately most of the time the illness is not extremely serious and is short term. The exact source of the Noro Virus is hard to determine and because the Noro Virus is not uncommon, it is difficult to establish any negligence on the part of the cruise line which led to the outbreak of the Noro Virus. A Maritime personal injury attorney can determine if there is any basis to pursue a claim for damages.