Protestors Seek to Prevent Mega Cruise Ship From Entering Venice

Protestors in Venice are trying to ban the large cruise ships from entering in and out of the Venice passage, which is only yards from the city’s famous piazza, San Marco. Critics have stated that passage of these mega cruise ships poses a risk of environmental damage, as well as the fear of another Costa Concordia disaster which could destroy this historical city. There have been such criticism in the past of the cruise ships sailing in and out of Venice, but the recent Costa Concordia disaster has again brought into the spotlight the potential of enormous environmental damages, as well as the risk of an accident causing disaster.

The critics have been heard as the Italian government has been reported to be examining a new route for the larger cruise ships that visit Venice, which would divert them away from the San Marco area.

The recent protestors caused delays for several passenger cruise ships departing the city, e-trade insider reported. Among the cruise ships that were delayed by the protestors, were the passenger cruise ships, Costa Fascionsa, a 3,000 passenger vessel, the MSC Opera, a 1,712 passenger cruise ship, and the MSC Musica, a 2,536 passenger cruise ship.
The protestors formed in a flotilla of small boats and took to the waterways. Hundreds more lined the waterfront areas.

The images of the Costa Concordia lying on its side in the waters so close to the beautiful island of Giglio in Italy painfully reminds us of the dangers these mega cruise ships pose to their destinations if not properly regulated.

Our office continues to act as safety advocates for those injured or harmed at sea. We are presently representing passengers who suffered harm as a result of the Costa Concordia disaster. We continue to advocate for passenger safety onboard cruise ships and with respect to all aspects of boating. Boating safety is an important goal of each state’s legislature. We have seen an increasing number of boating accidents in the Florida waterways, and a great number of accidents and fatalities relating directly to the consumption of alcohol while operating a boat or personal watercraft. There is growing awareness of the need to be aware of boating under the influence and regulating the operation of watercraft within each state. There was a national movement to create awareness of boating under the influence, and its dangers. The waterways continue to be a great way to enjoy yourself, but also can be extremely dangerous.

Accidents that occur on our waterways, including accidents that occur onboard cruise ships, are governed by maritime law. If a passenger is harmed during a cruise, the passenger will face very restrictive terms and conditions imposed upon them by the cruise ship company which are placed into the passenger ticket. A passenger should read very carefully their passenger ticket which outlines all the terms and conditions, including time limitations on bringing a claim for property loss, or personal injury/wrongful death.

It is good that in the recent years we are seeing an increase focus on the impact cruise ships can have on our environment. In the past years I’ve seen many instances of damages to our environment caused by cruise ships. There has in fact been significant penalties and fines imposed on different cruise ship companies as a result of causing environmental damages, and attempting to cover up their actions.

Let’s hope the Italian government is successful in its efforts to keep these mega cruise ships from endangering such a historic and beautiful city.