Passenger Onboard Cruise Ship Gets Drunk and Releases Ship’s Anchor During Cruise

Once again, intoxication on a cruise ship is deemed responsible for irrational behavior. Fortunately, this time nothing serious happened to anyone.

It is well documented that many incidents onboard cruise ships are due to intoxication. The incidents include accidents like slip and fall accidents, as well sexual assaults and other types of misconduct. The disappearance of George Smith during his honeymoon was believed to be related to intoxication of passengers onboard the ship.

The cruise lines make a lot of money selling alcohol onboard ship. It is well known the sale of alcohol is one of the biggest money makers for the cruise lines. Whenever you mix gambling with alcohol, there is the potential for big problems.

hollandamerica.jpgThe maritime law imposes a duty on cruise ship companies to monitor their alcohol sales, making sure not to allow passengers to be so intoxicated that they pose a danger to themselves or to others.

In this particular case, this passenger admitted he was intoxicated and that he went to a restricted area to release the ship’s anchor. This could of spelled disaster if the anchor had caused a lot of damage to the ship; however, nothing serious did happen.

The sale and consumption of alcohol on a cruise ship must be monitored and the cruise line must enforce policies and rules that prevent the overconsumption of alcohol which may result in serious injuries, or even deaths. Most states have laws holding bars accountable for injuries and deaths resulting from their negligent sale of alcohol and failure to take necessary steps once a patron is visibly intoxicated. The cruise lines should also be held accountable as this is a big money maker for them, and there must be laws holding them accountable.