Passenger Cruise Ship Runs Aground – No Passengers or Crewmembers Injured

Canadian coast guard.jpgThe M/V CLIPPER ADVENTURE, which is owned by International Shipping Partners, ran aground on a rock while exploring in the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. Robert Bradbury, of the Canadian Coast Guard, stated there were 197 people onboard but no one was reported as injured.

Cedars-Bradley-Swan, a co-owner of Mississauga – Based Adventure Canada, who was the charterer of the cruise ship, said the ship was following the chart that the vessel had and there was not any indication that there was anything in the water. He said it was a “large rock”.

The weather conditions were reported as sunny and calm waters. The cruise ship was on the second to the last day of its tour through Canada’s Northwest Passage.

International Shipping Partners maintains an office in Miami, Florida, and our cruise ship and passenger injury firm has represented many crewmembers in the past who brought claims against International Shipping Partners, a company that is well known for management and operation of vessels.

The charterer, Adventure Canada, issued the following statement:

“At the time the seas were calm, sunny conditions and good visibility with no wind or swell. Efforts of the vessel’s crew to dislodge the vessel during high tide on August 28th were unsuccessful.

The vessel now rests with a slight list. Conditions are stabilized. All passengers and crew are safe and unharmed. Weather remained favorable the passengers continued to enjoy onboard programming and hospitality – some even taking the opportunity to enjoy some sun on deck.

Canadian authorities were notified and the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Amundsen arrived at the site last night to assist in disembarking the passengers from the ship. The passengers are understandably tired but remain in good spirits.

Flight arrangements have been made to ensure passengers return to Edmonton for the early afternoon today, August 30.”

Since none of the 128 passengers or 60 crewmembers were reported as suffering any injuries, it does not appear that there will be any lawsuits brought as a result of this incident. However, passengers are owed a duty of reasonable care by the operator of the cruise ship, which would include exercising reasonable care in the operation of the cruise ship in taking all reasonable steps to determine dangers on the chartered course the ship was heading on.