Passenger Assists Cruise Line with Rescue of Overboard Passenger

A Sixteen year old passenger aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Norwegian Spirit, acted swiftly when a passenger went overboard into the Mississippi River. The sixteen year old, Alex Giffel, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, saw a passenger go overboard into the Mississippi River. He thought fast and immediately threw a nearby life ring to the passenger in the water. The Norwegian Spirit’s rescue team onboard was notified and immediately a rescue boat was sent to rescue to the overboard passenger. Fortunately, the passenger was rescued and brought back onboard the ship without any injuries.

nor spirit.jpg

In a special ceremony held onboard the ship in New Orleans, the Captain of the ship personally thanked the sixteen year old passenger for his heroic efforts. He received plaques of appreciation as well as the same life ring that he used to throw into the water to rescue the passenger.

I continue to be surprised at the number of people we hear going overboard during a cruise. While it does seem very difficult for somebody to fall overboard during a cruise, we have been seeing it happen with much more frequency than expected. This particular passenger was very lucky to be rescued and brought back onboard safely. We have heard of many passengers going overboard who have not survived.

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Our firm has handled many cases involving a passenger going overboard to their death.

We continue to be safety advocates for passengers and crewmembers harmed at sea.