Not A Triumph

As reported by CNN News, another disaster involving a carnival cruise ship. Yes, the triumph again! CNN News reports:

One man is missing after winds blew a guard shack into the water and knocked the damaged Carnival Triumph cruise ship away from dock in Mobile, Alabama. Another man inside the shack has been recovered.

The Triumph was undergoing repairs after an engine room fire left it stranded at sea for several days in February. The ship was carrying more than 4,200 people, including 3,100 passengers, when the fire happened.

We will monitor the new about this recent disaster involving carnival cruise lines, and see how carnival explains yet another mishap that appears to have cost a person their life. We have seen reports that carnival is stepping up their maintenance and inspections in light of the repeated incidents involving their ships, including a ship that practically sank and ships that caught on fire. Should passengers on cruise ships be scared? I would be. Cruising does not appear to be as safe as believed.

We are also currently handling a carnival cruise line where a rescue boat plummeted 20 meters to the water during a routine lifesaving drill. The initial reports are this incident occurred was due in part to lack of proper maintenance of the safety raft, a rather important piece of equipment aboard a cruise ship!

Our firm is Miami based, and handles all type of maritime personal injury and wrongful death cases. Brett Rivkind has been handling maritime cases for 30 years, and was an invited speaker on maritime security and safety issues during major congressional hearings which eventually led to passage of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act.