Miami Cruise Ship Attorney Discussed in Ireland Press About Costa Concordia Sinking

Miami attorney Brett Rivkind was discussed in a recent news account of the Costa Concordia in Ireland. The Ireland paper discusses how it has experience with a prior disaster involving an Ireland citizen who died during a cruise onboard a Costa cruises lines cruise ship. The death involved Lindsay Obrien, who was only 15 years old when she went on a cruise with her family aboard the Costa cruise ship the Magica.

Lindsay was served alcohol aboard the ship despite being a minor, and was reported to have fallen off the balcony railing on the cruise ship. The case was handled by Miami maritime lawyer Brett Rivkind. Brett Rivkind is also handling cases involving the Costa Concordia, and has been interviewed by major news stations, including CBS evening news.

The Ireland article brings back the memory of Lindsay O’Brien and the tragedy that occurred. The Costa Concordia is a painful reminder of another Costa cruise lines disaster resulting in death.

Brett Rivkind continues to act as a safety advocate for both passengers and crew harmed at sea.