Jet Skiers Almost Hit by a Carnival Cruise Ship in Port Canaveral, Florida

MIAMI, Florida–Two spring-breakers quickly saw the fun and thrill of riding a jet ski turn to the terror of almost getting run over by a cruise ship. This past Saturday, two jet skiers were riding on these personal watercrafts right by the mouth of the Port Canaveral harbor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when their jet skis flipped them over into the water. At the same time, the Carnival Magic cruise ship was navigating out of the Port Canaveral Harbor. This meant that the two teenagers, ages 19 and 20, were now in the water, watching the approaching cruise ship come at them.

jetski-300x225Imagine a 130, 000-ton cruise ship coming at you, and imagine the horror of the pilot knowing there was no way to maneuver out of the way of the two girls. There is little ability to quickly maneuver a large passenger cruise ship, which in this case was the cruise ship owned by Carnival Cruise Line. Not only is it hard to quickly maneuver a large cruise ship but it was also hard for the girls to swim out of the way, as a breeze was pushing the woman more into the path of the approaching cruise ship according to the Port Canaveral Harbor Pilot Capt. Doug Brown. Capt. Doug Brown quickly alerted the Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy who was at patrol boat nearby to come help. Luckily the deputy was able to rescue the two girls, as Brown tried to change the ship’s course.

This jet ski incident is unfortunately one of many, as we have reported on many accidents involving these personal watercrafts, including fatalities. Jet skis are dangerous instrumentalities. They are hard to keep under control, as they are very powerful and can go very fast.

As was seen in this case, it is easy to fall off into the water. This time the danger was an approaching cruise ship being maneuvered by a harbor pilot until the cruise ship was out of the Port Canaveral harbor. Fortunately, the teenagers were able to get out of the way of the approaching ship, and it was just a close call. Of course, too close for comfort!

In a case like this, the teenagers should have been clear of the cruise ship as they had the ability to stay out of harm’s way, whereas the cruise ship had very little ability to avoid them. Why they were there when they fell off is unknown. Lesson learned: stay clear of the mouths of harbors where there is a port and large ships like a cruise ship are coming out. You cannot get up close and personal while on a jet ski because as we see here, it is easy to lose control and fall off. Another lesson from his incident is to be careful on jet skis. Again, these dangerous instrumentalities are a lot of fun, but they go very fast and they are not easy to keep under control. Thanks to both the Harbor Pilot and the Sheriff’s Deputy, some very serious, if not fatal injuries were prevented.