How a Little Old Fire Can’t Ruin a Good Party on the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship

CBS News reported yesterday that the cruise ship Azamara Quest that is part of Miami, Florida-based Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. suffered an engine room fire. Smoke spread through the cruise ship quickly causing passengers to put on life vests and gather for roll call. Though many were fearful because of the recent Costa Concordia event when it became clear that the fire was quickly extinguished passengers began to party.

Passengers began to enjoy barbecues on the deck and free drinks. People didn’t complain and instead remained upbeat.

“It was unfortunate, but the crew was totally, utterly amazing, taking care of us, making sure we were safe, pulling double duty,” said passenger Krasnick.

Our Miami based law firm is currently assisting passengers and crew members who were involved in the Costa Concordia disaster, and we continue to be safety advocates for all those injured or killed at sea.