Holland-American line crew member drowns

Another tragic incident involving a young crewmember occurred onboard the Holland-American Cruise ship, the MS Volendam. A 29 year old Indonesian crew member fell into the waters while working with lifeboats aboard the ship. There was a malfunction of equipment, which resulted in a cable breaking and the crew member fell into the water. Another crewmember was rescued and did not suffer major injuries. However the other crewmember could not be located and it was presumed he drowned.

holland voledam.jpgCrew members have difficult and dangerous jobs. If they are injured or are killed during their work, the crew members, or their family members, have rights under the Jones Act and general maritime law to recover damages caused by negligence and unsafe conditions. Unlike state land based workers, who are limited to worker’s compensation benefits, crew members have very special laws that apply to their claims. These laws recognize the dangerous occupation of a crew member and their dependence on the ship owner for a safe working environment. Our wrongful death firm has handled thousands of cases involving crew members who have been injured or killed onboard a cruise ship.