Four Men Rescued By The Disney Fantasy

Following news about a cruise ship operated by Princess cruise lines passing by stranded boaters in distress, resulting in a lawsuit, it was reported that a cruise ship operated by Disney, the Disney fantasy, was involved in the rescue of four men found drifting on a raft near Key West, Florida. We previously discussed the Princess cruise ship’s failure to comply with well established maritime law governing the obligation to rescue. On a different note, CNN reported that a Disney cruise ship saved four men on Sunday afternoon.The Disney Fantasy was en route to Grand Cayman from Port Canaveral when four men were spotted aboard a raft near Key West, signaling for help. According to the article, the men from the raft were brought aboard the ship and given medical help, food and water. Rebecca Peddie of Disney Cruise Line states, “We are proud of our Disney Fantasy crew members, who skillfully demonstrated their training and commitment to maritime protocols around saving lives at sea.”

It is good to hear, and to publish, favorable accounts of heroics performed by a cruise ship company. We applaud Disney for their efforts, and will keep a close eye on the lawsuit against princess for any developments.

Our firm continues to act as safety advocates for those injured or harmed at sea.