Dream or Nightmare?

It is still early in 2013 and Carnival Cruise Line seems to be plagued with cruise ship issues.

Just a few weeks ago, the Carnival Triumph had a fire in the ship’s engine room and left the ship drifting, without power, water or flushing toilets for five days. And already in March, the cruise line has two new shipboard emergencies.

The Carnival Dream’s emergency fuel generator broke, and like the Carnival Triumph, saw the guests without use of elevators and toilets. Luckily, the conditions for the guests on the Dream didn’t last long as the cruise line removed guests from the ship and flew them back to Orlando immediately.

And as the Carnival Dream sits in St. Maarten’s, the Carnival Legend is moving slowly off the coast of Honduras with its own problems. Ports are being cancelled and the ship is heading back to its home port.

As Carnival deals with these issues, it can still boast that it is the largest cruise ship company and in the first quarter of this year has earned $37M. How much of this money is being put towards things that can improve safety and living conditions on the ship for guests and crew? Not much it would seem.

Carnival has offered the usual discounts and reimbursements to guests but what are they offering the crew? Nothing it would seem.

The dream vacation that many take when they cruise is becoming more of a nightmare. The industry needs to pay closer attention to safety at sea and if cruise lines such as Carnival continue to endanger lives, then maybe they should be impacted where it hurts them the most–in earnings. They should be charged, and often, until they realize that cutting corners where safety is concerned is a dangerous practice that cost lives.

Our Miami Maritime law firm continues to act as safety advocates for crewmembers and passengers.