Disney Cruises Expands

In a troubling economic market, the cruise ship companies continue to expand. In fact Carnival UK CEO David Dingle, speaking at the launch of the Cruise Report 2011, says the cruise ship market has plenty of room for growth and has not reached a point of saturation.

Florida today reported that Disney is expanding, sailing from new ports. The Disney Fantasy ship will soon start sailing from Port Canaveral and will have a capacity of 4000 passengers. Wow! Can you imagine a floating Disney Land with 4000 passengers? Pretty amazing. Of course the success of the cruises rely on the crew, which will be another couple of thousand.

disney-cruise-ship-overhead.jpgWe hope Disney will treat the crew, mostly hired from third world countries, well. Even though the crew are the backbone of the company, when a crewmember breaks their back or suffers another injury, they often face a long and hard fight to get the proper medical care and treatment, as well as fair and just compensation for their injuries.

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