Death Count Increases From Costa Concordia Sinking

Today divers in Italy found 8 of the 15 missing bodies bringing the death toll from the Costa Concordia disaster to 25. One of the discovered bodies was of the missing 5 year old Italian girl. This is the only child that was reported missing from the Costa Concordia. It was rumored that her father, who is also missing, had to run back to his cabin to get medicine for a transplant he had.

Three bodies were able to be recovered, but because of the weather, the other five were not able to be removed at this time next, the bodies have to go through the process of identification.

The floating furniture and decomposing material in the ship made it hard for the divers to recover and find the bodies which were found on the fourth deck. Seven people still remain missing. A preliminary hearing will be held on March 3 in which all passengers are allowed to attend. Seven people have been added to the list of those under investigation for this disaster. In addition, it has been reported that lawyers are requesting that Captain Schettino undergo a drug test in regards to the traces of cocaine found on a hair sample.

In addition, Congress is holding a hearing to address cruise ship safety in light of the Costa Concordia tragedy. A hearing is currently scheduled for February 29 and March 1, 2012.

The cruise ship industry is getting a lot of unwanted attention. Reuters just published an article exposing the difficulties passengers on cruise ships have in pursuing claims against cruise ship companies when there is an injury or death on a cruise ship.

Our firm continues to be safety advocates for both passengers and crewmembers who are harmed at sea.