Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint

Last Thursday yet another cruise ship incident occurred, again highlighting the true safety of cruising vacations. Twenty-two passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor were robbed at gunpoint by hooded bandits on their way to an excursion very close to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This occurred several days into a cruise that departed from California. The cruise ship company sponsored this excursion titled “City and Tropical Jungle Escape.” There were a variety of ages on this guided activity. Children as young as six experienced this horrifying robbery. No one was hurt but the gunmen did steal money, cameras and other valuables from the cruise ship passengers.

In a statement from the Puerto Vallarta tourism board it was stated that, “this is an extremely rare incident.” This is sadly not a rare incident and has occurred quite a few times in the past. In fact a majority of robberies occurring in these areas have targeted large groups through cruise line sponsored excursions.

In lieu of all that has been happening, CBC world new posted an enlightening article titled “Cruise ship incidents drive down demand, prices.” This is no surprise. But the real question many are wondering is if these cruise ship disasters in fact increased or has the Costa Concordia tragedy just drawn more attention to the disasters that could happen when boarding a cruise ship.

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