Cruise Ship Passenger Found Dead in Waters of the Cayman Islands

It was recently reported that a passenger from a cruise ship was found dead in the Cayman Islands’ waters. The location was near Coral Gardens. Mysteriously, another cruise ship passenger was found in the same area just a little more than a year ago, in December of 2011. The recent cruise ship passenger who was found dead in the Cayman Islands is reported to be a 56-year-old man. The cruise ship passenger found in December of 2011 was reported to be a 71-year-old cruise ship passenger from North Carolina.

This latest death involving a cruise ship passenger has not been fully investigated, and there is little information that has been released at this time.

We will continue to monitor the news involving this cruise ship passenger found dead in the Cayman Islands’ waters.

The recent months have involved many deaths of cruise ship passengers, including those who died aboard the Costa Concordia. Recently, a passenger fell down stairs on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, and died. Another passenger fell on a Carnival cruise ship and died.

Deaths of cruise ship passengers have reportedly been increasing over the years, which is likely due in part to the increase in the size of cruise ships. The mega cruise ships can now carry more than 5,000 passengers during a cruise. They truly have become small cities, with the problems that come along with a small city. These problems include crimes such as sexual assaults. In addition, the cruise ship companies are floating casinos and sellers of liquor. There are many incidents involving accidents and deaths directly related to alcohol consumption onboard a cruise ship. The cruise ship companies make millions of dollars each year from the sale of alcohol.

My firm continues to believe that these mega cruise ships, which often describe themselves as small floating cities, should have a police department and better medical facilities to deal with the increasing number of passengers and associated problems.

I have previously spoken in the United States Congress during hearings held on cruise ship safety. I am hopeful to do so again. The Costa Concordia disaster has again brought into focus the practices and procedures of the cruise ship companies involving the safety of the millions of passengers that cruise each year. While cruising can be a great way to take a vacation, there clearly is the need to evaluate current policies and procedures, and implement better policies and procedures for the safety of all those who travel onboard a cruise ship, including the passengers and the crewmembers.

Our firm has been assisting passengers and crewmembers who have been harmed at sea. I have been handling maritime cases here in Miami, Florida for 30 years. The increasing sizes of these mega cruise ships is mindboggling, and presents many challenges with respect to safety.