Cruise Ship Passenger Disappears during Diving Excursion in Mexico

She was only 49-years-old. Christina Cassin was with her husband Scott Turco during an 11-day cruise onboard the Celebrity passenger cruise ship the Equinox.

The Equinox docked in Cozumel on March 28th.

The husband stated: “We went for a group dive. At some point I turned to the dive master to tell him she was going to the surface and when I turned back towards her, she was gone.”

According to the husband, the current was extremely strong when they went in to the water. A videographer reportedly captured bubbles from some of the divers’ regulators being pulled toward the bottom as they were caught in the current.

It was reported that the Mexican Navy searched the waters near Cozumel for 72 hours. The body was not discovered. According to her husband, he believes she was sucked under a reef line in the current and did not survive. “It is highly unlikely she is alive,” the husband said.

Christina Cassin and Scott Turco had been married since 1966, meeting in the army where they both worked as nurses. According to Turco, his wife had completed nine or 10 dives previously and was certain a few years ago.

Further information about the dive company, and any relationship the company may have to the cruise line company was not indicated in the news story. The information was obtained from the Atlanta CBS website.

If in fact it was the shoreside excursion sold by the cruise ship company, there are possible theories of liability against the cruise ship company. Also, if the cruise ship company knew of passengers diving in this particular area, and knew of dangerous currents, but failed to warn, there also could be potential liability. However, holding a cruise line company accountable for shoreside excursions, or accidental deaths that occur at the various ports of call a cruise ship travels to can be very difficult and challenging. The law is favorable for the cruise lines with respect to liability for accidental deaths occurring on land in different ports of call, as well as liability for accidental deaths during shoreside excursions.

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