Cruise Ship Comes to the Rescue of Stranded Boaters

disneywonderandmagicx-large.jpgWhile my personal injury law firm regularly sues the cruise line companies for various wrongful conduct, including claims for sexual assaults onboard cruise ships, as well as serious accidents, I must applaud Disney Cruise Lines and the heroic efforts of the Discovery Magic which recently rescued eighteen stranded boaters.

The cruise ship was the Disney Magic, which has been spending the summer time in Europe. On early Friday morning the crew overheard radio communications indicating that other vessels were searching for a boat that was in distress. The Disney Magic cruise ship then took action and was able to locate the stranded boat with eighteen people aboard. There were sixteen men and two women. The crew took the eighteen stranded boaters aboard the cruise ship and provided needed medical attention. They were also given cabins until they were disembarked in Barcelona, Spain.

A representative of Disney Cruise Lines said that one of the rescue boats from the cruise ship was used to rescue the stranded boaters.

The eighteen people were Nigerian citizens. They had been stranded in the open water for approximately four to five days.

The Disney cruise should be applauded for their efforts.