Costa Cruises Admits Captain Mistakes in Costa Concordia Disaster

Costa cruise lines has issued a statement admitting the captain was too close to shore, and that he did not follow appropriate procedures for an emergency situation.

The captain has been arrested, and the first officer is also being detained. Authorities in Italy confirmed the captain did abandon the ship before all the passengers were evacuated.

The captain has said the rocks were not charted, but it is reported the area in question is know for the rocky sea bottom and was in fact well charted.

At least five people have been confirmed dead.

The captain was a safety officer with Costa and then became a captain. His background and qualifications have not been released yet.

Costa did defend the crew, saying they acted appropriately in the assistance of the evacuation of so many passengers under such stressful conditions.

Passengers described the situation as chaotic, and likened the situation to the Titanic disaster.

Our firm continues to act as safety advocates for those harmed at sea.