Conclusion to the Sexual Predator Found Aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines

In March I wrote a blog about an assistant cruise director for Norwegian Cruise Lines on board the cruise ship Norwegian Star who was arrested for having sexual relations with a 16-year-old passenger. Senad Djedovic, a 29-year-old crewmember, was also found in possession of graphic photos the girl sent him and videos of child pornography. Yesterday the Tampa Bay Tribune informed us that Djedovic has agreed to plead guilty to a federal pornography charge. Senad Djedovic faces up to ten years in federal prison after he agrees to this federal charge of possessing child pornography. On Monday a plea agreement was filed in United States District Court. Djedovic met this 16-year-old girl from Minnesota on a seven-day cruise that went from Tampa to the Caribbean on January 29. It was discovered that the two had a sexual encounter on a staircase and Djedovic was aware of the young girl’s age. After the cruise ended they continued with a relationship via emails which included “naughty photos.”

Djedovic’s crime was discovered after he showed some of his crew members the pictures he received from the 16-year-old passenger.

Our Miami based maritime firm continues to be safety advocates for those harmed at sea and continues to warn parents taking young children on cruise ships not to let their guard down and to closely supervise their children during the cruise.

I previously testified in Congress about safety and security concerns on cruise ships. The hearings led to more hearings and passage of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act signed into law by President Obama.