CNN Releases Video of a Triumph Turned Into a Loss

The Carnival cruise line’s Triumph didn’t live up to its name for the 3000 passengers unfortunate to be onboard. The ship can be seen getting towed to port, with a ship full of backed up sewage and other disease producing conditions.

Passengers will have to monitor their health over time as they have been exposed to not only the fear of a fire onboard, and loss of power, but also they have exposed to conditions that can lead to serious illnesses and disease.

The cruise became a nightmare for everyone, not a triumph. This incident is yet another in a long string of mishaps and disasters onboard cruise ships, once believed to me a totally safe and fun filled way of going on a vacation. Recent events have raised questions about the safety of cruise ships.

The NTBS is investigating the fire. Lets not lose sight of the fact that everyone is very lucky there were not more serious consequences from a fire onboard a mega cruise ship plying the high seas. It is very dangerous to be without power and a slave to the rough seas, but a fire onboard can lead to the loss of lives. I had the unfortunate task of representing hundreds of family members who lost their love ones onboard a cruise ship during a fire. The ship, was a sea escape cruise ship, and this did happen many years ago. Since that horrible incident, there have been many improvements in cruise ship safety. Of course, after the Costa Concordia disaster, we know there still needs to be many more improvements. The safety of cruising is in serious doubt these days.

I have been handling maritime cases for 30 years, and the bigger the better is not applicable to the cruise ship industry. With the bigger ships, I have seen many more incidents, including sexual assaults, crimes of different kinds, people going overboard, and an increase in fires, and other disasters.