Be Careful Spending Money on a Cruise as Passengers Claims Deceit at Onshore Store

MIAMI, Florida–While there are many unique safety hazards presented from operating a floating city on the high seas, the most recent one we have heard about involve deceit at onshore stores recommended by the cruise line. As cruise ship companies have increased in size over the years, so has the addition of many more shipboard activities, meaning more additional safety risks. In addition, the cruise ship companies have attracted more people on their cruises by advertising the exotic ports the ship travels to, where different types of dangers may be lurking.

money-300x225This means that there are many different safety concerns with respect to both on board activities as well as onshore activities at the different ports the cruise ships travel to that those planning on taking a cruise should be aware of.

In two different situations on two different cruise ship companies, Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Line, two passengers were told to go to a particular jewelry store at one of the ports, giving them false sense of confidence in the shop and the products being sold. Before going onshore, the passengers were given shopping lectures and a map identifying the stores the cruise ship company highly recommended to be the best deals and highest quality. The cruise ship passengers assumed, like any passenger would, that the cruise lines wanted to protect their interests and went to the recommended stores.

In this case there was two separate jewelry purchases at the particular jewelry store recommended by the cruise line. The purchases were represented to be of a certain quality and certain value, which later turned out not to be true. It is reported that the jewelry shop will look into the matter and make things right. This remains to be seen.

We have seen many situations where passengers purchased art at an art auction on board the ship, where the purchases turned out not to be what they were represented to be, nor have the value that was represented. We have also seen situations where passengers have been the victim of fraud in the sale of art on board a cruise ship.

Our point in reporting about these incidents on board Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Line involving jewelry shopping at one of the ports, is to make future cruise ship passengers aware of how they spend their money on board the ship as well as at the onshore stores the cruise ship company directs them to. Cruise ship companies financially exploit onshore stores, directly profiting from referrals to particular stores. This does not guarantee that the store is in fact legitimate and that the passenger is in fact getting a bargain. Therefore, do not get a false sense of security in the fact that the cruise ship company has recommended the particular store. Although the store most likely is reputable if it has been in business for a long time, use your common sense and do not simply rely on the representation of the cruise ship company.