Captain of Costa Concordia Arrested As A Result of Grounding of Ship

CNN has just announced that the captain of the Costa cruise line cruise ship, Costa Concordia, has been arrested and is being investigated for abandoning ship and manslaughter.

The cruise ship, for some unexplained reason, struck a large rock in shallow waters off the coast of Tuscany, and this massive cruise ship is now laying on its side submerged in water. Three people are dead, two passengers and one crewmember. Many others are missing.

concordia1.jpgThe captain is being heavily criticized for not only being in such shallow waters, known for its rocky sea floor, but for failure to start emergency evacuation procedures. Instead, the passengers were told there was an electrical problem.

Passengers described the situation as chaotic. Fear and panic spread rapidly. The ship leaned to one side and passengers were frantically trying to find their way to life boats in the dark. Some were reported to have jumped off the ship.
I am continuing to monitor the situation and reports as they come in, and my client, a cruise ship captain, is providing his insights into the situation which I will share with my readers.

I continue to act as a safety advocate for those harmed at sea.