Bumper Cruise Ships in Key West

Ever play bumper cars? Well, it was not anyone’s imagination, nor was it fantasy land. The Carnival Cruise Ship Imagination played bumper cruise ships with its sister ship, the Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship, in the Key West harbor. The two ships are of the same class, type and size. The two ships struck stern to stern. There was very minor cosmetic damage. One could describe the incident as a fender bender on the high seas. As far as we know, no driver received a traffic citation and needs to make an appearance in court to explain their driving. However, I’m sure the people back in the offices at Carnival were quite shocked to hear that two of their own ships hit each other while maneuvering at the dock in Malory Square in Key West, Florida.

Carnival imagination.jpg

I was picturing the scene in the street when two cars are involved in a fender bender incident and both drivers are getting out of their cars and checking for damage to their vehicles. The drivers pointing the finger at each other blaming each other for the incident. Holding up traffic. Maybe screaming at each other. I then envisioned the commercial where the Allstate or State Farm representative appears on the scene to handle the situation. I am wondering what the two captains of the two ships will have to say to the higher ups when asked how this incident could have occurred.

Key West Coast Guard Commander, Captain Patrick DeQuattro was quoted as saying that something like this had not happened in recent history and that it was a very unusual incident.

As part of standard procedure, there will be alcohol and drug testing performed in accordance with the United States Coast Guard policy.

We will keep you posted regarding the Coast Guard’s investigation into the incident. I’m wondering if points are going to be assessed against either captain for a traffic violation.

All kidding aside, fortunately it was a minor incident involving some minor cosmetic type damages and no one is reported to have suffered any type of personal injuries as a result of the incident.