Another Norovirus Outbreak on a Cruise Ship

Today many different news outlets are reporting on another norovirus outbreak.
An article in USA Today titled “Report: Cruise ship fumigated after illness outbreak” described the ordeal, which occurred on the Boudicca, a Fred Olsen Cruise ship from Britain. Supposedly this same ship had been affected by the norovirus two years ago, actually four times within a few months.

Of the 800 passengers onboard the ship, 170 passengers fell sick to this illness. One woman even suffered a heart attack. It is not yet confirmed if the heart attack was directly linked to the norovirus outbreak. The Boudicca was in the middle of a 13-night trip to the Canary Islands when the norovirus outbreak occurred.

Norovirus results in vomiting and diarrhea. The Boudicca “underwent an intensive fumigation” before it left for its next cruise. As a result of the fumigation, the cruise left 90 minutes late. As a result of the virus, the passengers were offered $240 off their next cruise. Fred Olsen, the operator of the Boudicca, told the Mirror “The health, safety and well-being of our guests and crew is our priority.”

The norovirus continues to be one of these ongoing problems cruise ships face, yet a mystery as to why we see it surface as often as we do on cruise ships. Cruise ship companies continue to state the norovirus is common and not something unique to the cruise ship industry, and claim their sanitary and cleaning procedures are state of the art in guarding aganst the illness.

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