Another Drowning Onboard A Cruise Ship Again Cries Out For Requiring Lifeguards Aboard Cruise Ships

no lifeguardOver the weekend I was sad to hear of yet another drowning in a swimming pool aboard a cruise ship where there were no lifeguards present. This tragic event occurred shortly after the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas sailed on it way for what was planned to be a fun filled vacation. The young 4 year old child somehow wondered off from his mother and found his way to the swimming pool on the deck of the Oasis of the Seas where there were swimming pools and slides and other attractions.

I’ve previously blogged about the need to have lifeguards onboard the cruise ships. It is a crowded environment onboard a cruise ship, with thousands of passengers onboard the ship wandering around, and tons of attractions to participate in, and things to see and observe. A trained lifeguard protecting the pool areas would not cost the cruise line a lot of money, and would prevent disasters like this from occurring. It only takes seconds for a young child to start drowning, and drownings believe it or not, occur mostly when young children are in close proximity to those supervising them. Its often difficult to recognize a drowning immediately if you are not a professional. A professional lifeguard would be diligent in watching out for any problem situations around the pool areas onboard the cruise ships. Disney, after learning a lesson from a disaster onboard one of their cruise ships, started utilizing lifeguards onboard their ships. All the cruise lines should do so. It is a necessity, and should be required of the cruise line industry.

Just like it was necessary to implement legislation to require cruise lines to report crimes onboard their ships, because it was not enough to rely on the voluntary reporting that existed for years, we cannot rely on cruise line voluntarily implementing necessary safety measures onboard their cruise ships. Although there will be financial costs to the cruise lines for implementing a sufficient number of lifeguards onboard the cruise ships, children are a precious commodity and lives need to get saved, no matter what the costs!

I had previously blogged about the need for cruise ship lifeguards following a prior incident of drowning onboard a cruise ship. I hope to never have to do another blog again emphasizing the need for lifeguards onboard cruise ships.

I hope the cruise ship industry will meet and recognize the dangers of drowning in swimming pools onboard the cruise ships. It is again a crowded environment, and one with many distractions. Professional lifeguards are needed.

I have been assisting the victims of crimes and accidents on cruise ships for 30 years. This is definitely a very serious safety onboard cruise ships. Fortunately, it is a safety concern that can be appropriately addressed if the cruise ship industry will step up to the plate and do what’s right.

Our firm continues to be safety advocates for those harmed at sea.