8-Year-Old Dies When She Falls from Atrium On Carnival Cruise Ship

In a very sad story, it has been reported that this past Saturday, an 8-year -old girl traveling with her family onboard the Carnival Glory cruise ship fell to her death from the atrium aboard the ship. The ship was docked at the Port of Miami at the time, as it had just arrived back from a week-long cruise.  According to reports, the young girl was waiting with her family to disembark from the fifth floor when she fell over the railings, which was about “two stories” high. Despite efforts of passengers and emergency medical personnel, the young girl died.

miami-300x225Why she fell was not reported. However, there will be video footage of the incident as there are surveillance cameras onboard the ship in this area. This will hopefully provide us with an answer as to why this happened, and of course the important question of how this tragic accident could have been prevented.

The beautiful designs on these mega cruise ships do pose safety hazards for passengers on cruises, such as the hazard or danger of falling from the landings or railings. Since this was the day of disembarkation, with thousands of passengers in a hurry to disembark, there may have been issues of crowd control, which allowed the girl to escape her parents and somehow fall over. Right now, it is purely speculation. However, an investigation must be done to determine the cause, and if there was anything that could have prevented such an incident, including an analysis of the design of the area, any warnings, and how the crowd was managed during disembarkation.

Our hearts bleed for the family of this young girl. A family vacation turns into a tragedy that will forever scar this family. We previously represented a teenager who climbed onto a banister in the atrium of a Carnival ship and fell to his death. We know kids, and yes sometimes teenagers who have been served too much alcohol will do silly and irresponsible things like slide down a banister or climb where they are not supposed to. Only so much can be done to prevent such incidents. However, it remains to be seen in this case what the contributing causes were and if there was anything the cruise ship company could have done to have reduced the chances of this type of event from happening.

It does raise a concern we have discussed in the past regarding safety risks when taking a child on a cruise. In 2017 alone, about 800,000 children were expected to sail on a Carnival cruise ship.  We are in no way advising parents to stop bringing their children on cruises. However, before cruising, it is important that everyone is aware of the dangers onboard the ship and take the necessary precautions. This includes reviewing the safety tips we have compiled when traveling with children on cruises.

We will keep you posted, and continue to help those victims who have been injured or harmed at sea, including those who have been injured or harmed on cruise ships.