10 Persons Hospitalized Due to Boating Accident

Our firm acts as safety advocates for those harmed at sea. However, we simply don’t wait for accidents to happen and then get involved. I have testified in congress address safety issues on cruise ships, pushing for the adoption of safety laws that would make cruise ships safer. We have all read the horror stories involving cruise ships, and the many incidents that have occurred in the past couple of years. These incidents have caused numerous injuries, and even many deaths.

My firm also has participated in boating safety awareness week, which includes bringing awareness to boating under the influence, another very dangerous activity that results in accidents, serious injuries and deaths on the waterways. We have published the reports of the Florida wildlife who publishes statistics regarding boating accidents, the number of injuries, and the number of deaths. Sadly, Florida ranks high among the states with the most deaths due to boating accidents.

Read this article today from the Miami Herald which reports on a boating accident involving the collision of two pleasure boats, one considered a very fast and powerful boat. One of the boats actually sunk. 10 persons had to be hospitalized. One of the injured boaters had to be airlifted to the hospital because the injuries were so severe.

While the cause of this boating accident is still under investigation, it is critical to have adequate life preservers onboard, and to maintain a safe speed, observing any speed limits and operating at a safe speed based on the conditions, including the weather, lighting, seas and the amount of boating traffic. Operators of boats must be sufficiently experienced to navigate a powerful and fast boat like the one involved in the collision. The boat must be kept under control, with a proper lookout. What caused this particular collision is unknown. The collision happened at 6:30p.m. There is no mention of the visibility, nor any mention whether alcohol was involved.

We will continue to act as safety advocates for those harmed at sea. We have been helping injured parties and families who lost love ones due to a boating accident, including cruise ship accidents, for more than 25 years.